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Four Truths - A Message from our CEO about Covid-19

As the world continues to mobilize to fight the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are reminded of four truths.

Food, Water, & Education are basic human rights.

Unfortunately, everyone does not have access…

815 Million

Undernourished People in the World

844 Million

People Lack Clean, Accessible Water

263 Million

Children and Youth Are Out Of School

Fact Sources: (Fact 1) Ers.usda.gov (Fact 2) Who.int (Fact 3) Sustainabledevelopment.un

What We Do

The Sonder Project is working to address these numbers by empowering communities where the need is greatest, in sub-Saharan Africa, through high-impact, sustainable development.

We partner directly with communities to dig wells and increase access to clean water, build schools to increase access to education, and we are developing solar-powered, irrigated community farms to increase food security.  We’ve also begun leading Covid-19 prevention workshops to combat misinformation and support health.

The Sonder Project is committed to listening to our community partners to identify needs, and then working collectively to improve lives.  We hope you will join us.  

Our Impact

Since 2014, The Sonder Project has been able to…

# of People with increased food security

# people with increased access to clean water

# of Students globally with increased access to school

# of Households Served Post-Hurricane Michael

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