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Community development efforts that support basic needs and increase the opportunity to change the lives of a significant number of people for an extended period of time at an efficient cost-per-person impacted.

All administrative costs are paid for by our Founding Partner, 360 Blue. This means 100% of all donations go directly to our programs.

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Our headquarters is in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and we focus our efforts in economically developing countries where the need is great. As GiveWell, the “gold standard for giving” puts it, the developing world is where “your dollar goes a lot further.”

Non-profits operating in the United States often work to resolve complex problems. They also have to account for the high cost of living and staffing. Organizations working overseas, on the other hand, often work to solve more basic problems that have inexpensive solutions. Solving these problems can make a tremendous difference for a great number of people at a fraction of the cost (check out our Core Values to better understand why we do what we do). Currently, we have program offices in the sub-Saharan African countries of Burkina Faso and Malawi.

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Increasing Access to Clean Water

785 million people in the world lack access to clean drinking water. The Sonder Project partners with communities to drill wells (sometimes as deep as 300 feet) to tap into naturally filtered aquifers. All wells are fitted with manual pumps and maintained by a locally established water committee with support from local Sonder Project staff members. Each Sonder Project well supports at least 500 local community members – and often many more. 

Increasing Access to Education

263 million children and youth did not attend school in 2016 – and that was before the Coronavirus pandemic. There are a number of reasons why students do not attend school around the world. The Sonder Project currently focuses on ensuring a healthy and safe learning environment in a permanent structure by building schools. The school blocks we build are oftentimes the most structurally sound buildings in the area. This sends a clear message to the local community: “Education is key.”

Increasing Access to Food Security

815 million people are undernourished around the world. In the rural communities with whom we partner, the local population is primarily subsistence farmers. Climate change and unreliable growing seasons have forced families to often make-do on one meal a day. This means that farming typically provides little in terms of economic opportunity. In 2018, we piloted a solar-powered irrigated community farm to allow farmers to harvest year-round, thereby increasing the annual incomes of everyone in the local area.

Covid-19 Education and Prevention Workshops

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, our trusted relationship with communities has allowed our staff to lead informative workshops with community leaders to better understand the virus, and to encourage preventative measures, including frequent hand-washing and the use of facemasks.

Our Impact by the numbers 

Since 2014, The Sonder Project has drilled wells, built schools, developed community farms, offered COVID-19 workshops, and increased food security and access to clean water for entire communities around the world.

Wells Drilled

People with increased access to clean water

Schools Built

Students globally with Increased Access to School

Solar-powered Irrigated Community Farm

Number of People with Increased Food Security

These numbers don’t tell the whole story.
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What People are Saying

We interviewed board members, donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries of The Sonder Project to find out what The Sonder Project means to them. Watch below to see what they had to say.