We are empowering Communities

Water + Education + Food


Globally, we drill wells, build schools, and increase food security.

Water pumps Installed

Schools Built

Solar-powered Irrigated Farms Established

Community Members Impacted

Where we work…

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world, but it has struggled economically as a result of geography, climate change, and terrorism. The country ranks 182 out of 189 countries on the UN Human Development Index. In 2019, it had the 17th lowest GDP, according to World Bank

We built our first school in Burkina Faso in 2015, and we’ve remained committed to the country ever since. With an office in the capital, Ouagadougou, we currently operate in three regions of Burkina Faso: Center-West, Center-South, and Center-East.


Often referred to as the “Warm Heart of Africa,” you’ll discover why we spend a week among its incredibly friendly population. Unfortunately, Malawi has suffered as a result of the AIDS epidemic, climate change and poverty. Malawi ranks 172 out of 189 on the UN Human Development Index. According to the World Bank, the country had the second lowest GDP per capita in the world in 2019. With an office in Kasungu, we currently operate in the Kasungu District located in the Central Region.

Our Methodology

We work with communities as partners to identify challenges and define solutions.  We maintain a holistic approach to ensure our impact in one area is not limited by a barrier elsewhere.  For example, many of our wells are built in close proximity to schools, so students have clean water to drink and are not kept out of school for unnecessary illnesses.  We require equal leadership from men and women in all project committees.  In all that we do, we focus on sustainability to ensure our efforts are lasting and in the best interest of the community. 

All Sonder Projects Require

  • Community engagement
  • Certification of the land usage for the
    project’s purpose
  • Community contributions of available local materials and manual labor
  • Equal and active participation of both male and female community members
  • Community leadership made up of an equal number of male and female leaders

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Sponsor an Irrigation Project

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