Annie-Jean celebrates after The Sonder Project replaced her roof.

Sep 30, 2019

As the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Michael approaches, we’d like to take time to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. We would also like to look ahead.

Since October 10, 2018, The Sonder Project has received $569,000 from 371 individual donors toward our hurricane recovery efforts. Nearly one year later, we have less than $3,000 remaining. So how have we spent the funds? What has been our impact? We’re proud to share the results. 

We’re also challenging you to help us keep going as we seek to raise $25,000 to continue our hurricane recovery efforts.

Donate $50 today to help us continue our efforts!

How has the money been spent thus far?













We’ve also received and distributed over $110,000 worth of in-kind goods and services.

Patty Freeman and two of her three sons relaxing in their rebuilt home thanks to The Sonder Project.

Our impact?

We have served 217 households, including:

  • 148 Homes Cleared of Trees and Yard Debris
  • 57 Homes Fitted with Tarps
  • 18 Homes with Restored Electrical Power
  • 13 Homes with Major Roof Repairs
  • 8 Homes with Major Drywall Repairs
  • 3 Homes Completely Rebuilt 

The numbers, of course, don’t tell the whole story. The real story is about the incredibly resilient people who have weathered the storm and continue on despite all of the hardships they’ve endured. From the beginning, our mission has focused on helping low-income individuals without insurance — with a particular emphasis on households with children, seniors and the physically disabled. Over the next few weeks, we look forward to sharing with you some of the stories of the people we’ve served. To follow along, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.


Panama City is in the midst of a housing crisis. The Sonder Project is looking to combat it by supporting housing recovery in the area. Too many people continue to live in storm-damaged homes because they can’t afford the necessary repairs and – due to the storm – there simply aren’t enough housing options available. The more support we can provide to ensure safe and secure housing, the more we will be able to support the area’s economy and growth.

The Sonder Project replaced the roof and completed internal home repairs to assist Rhonda and her mother Betty.

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