Post Michael: Millville Visit October 16th

Today we had a group of volunteers from 360 Blue, 30A, 30avenue, and the 30A Olive Oil Company.  We focused our efforts for the day in the Millville area.

Through our connection with local management officials, we were directed to the house of Ms. Deborah and her grandson.  Her ceiling had caved in on top of her living room couch and TV. We were able to provide them with some water and a tarp to protect her furniture, as her grandson was able to get a tarp on her roof.  Then we started to walk the neighborhood, and we were so glad to have a strong fleet of female volunteers to help us connect! We handed out many feminine hygiene products, cold water, ice, diapers, and we received so many smiles and appreciation.

We were then directed to Massalina Drive where we found a truck trapped by a tree.  A number of us were able to cut through the tree and free the truck. With his freed truck, the gentleman was now able to travel to the FEMA supply station and collect more supplies for some elderly folks down the street.

Afterwards, we went to Rutherford High School and met up with Mr. Keaton who we had assisted the previous day with a tarp.  He asked how he could assist us, and we handed him 15 tarps to distribute throughout the neighborhood. We then moved down the streets to hand out more supplies.  It took us 2 hours to travel 3 blocks. People approached us with tears in their eyes they were so appreciative.

One family we met was a grandmother, her daughter and her two kids.  They had a neighbor try to help them tarp up their roof, but he had fallen off.  We gave them some ice and proceeded to get to work to complete the tarp job. We were able to complete the job and snagged some photos of the grandchild Carlos.  His smile was infectious😊  

At the end of the day, we dropped off all our remaining supplies at Kingdom Agenda and we look forward to the next day’s work. 

Report and pictures courtesy of 360 Blue Staff Member and Sonder Project Volunteer, Aarien Marceaux