The Sonder Project is excited to introduce our revamped student sponsorship program,  ‘Education is Power’!

Education is Power builds on to what we began through our sponsorship program to take a more holistic approach to supporting our students.  Ultimately, the goal is the same – support students in our partner countries with high-achieving potential who are financially vulnerable to dropping out of secondary school.   However, we are no longer focused on Sponsorship alone. 


Veronica Zulu, center with sweater, listens in one of her classes.

Education is Power has 4 key pillars:

1. Sponsorship

Sponsorship remains the foundation of our program – providing the material and fiscal resources students need to reach their full potential.

2. Mentorship

All students need positive role models in their lives.  That’s why we assign every Power student a Sonder Project staff member as their mentor.  As mentors, our staff visit their assigned students on a regular basis and conduct one-on-one meetings to address challenges and provide advice and support to overcome them.  


Veronica Zulu sits on her hostel bed she sleeps on while at school.

3. Life Skills Enrichment

We seek to build character, confidence and understanding outside of the traditional classroom.  Reproductive Health, Career Exploration, Leadership Training, and Study Skills, are just a few of the many modules we hope to offer our students through an annual Education is Power Retreat held in each country.  We are preparing our first retreats for 2024!

4. Tutoring

Additional, focused instruction outside the traditional school day is critical to helping students understand challenging concepts.  We aim to identify Power students who may benefit from more direct support, and then work with the school community to arrange tutoring sessions to prevent our students from falling behind.


Veronica Zulu sits on her hostel bed she sleeps on while at school.

Our Education is Power program, selects students through a rigorous interview process, including home visits, family meetings, and recommendations from teachers and administrators. This process ensures that we choose students who are performing at or above grade level and facing genuine financial challenges. Once selected, students remain in the program until the completion of high school, provided they maintain academic success, and avoid behavioral issues. Education is Power reflects our vision to offer wraparound support to our Power students.


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