Meet the Newest Members of The Sonder Project Team

Jul 20, 2021 | Sonder Update

Jervas Chikombe, The Sonder Project’s Intern in Malawi.

Meet Jervas Chikombe!

Jervas began working for The Sonder Project as an Intern in April of 2021 and stepped right in to play an integral role in establishing our Student Sponsorship Program. He has proven to be passionate about inciting change, and he is especially excited about impacting local communities. He comes to us with a Bachelor’s in Education, and he says his work with us has developed his skills through hands-on experience. He tells us he has learned valuable skills, including how to approach communities, conduct mass meetings, and further develop his communication skills.  He is quick to express how grateful he is to get to be a part of our mission.  

Jervas addresses community members during a recent meeting to discuss a planned water project.

In his first few months, Jervas says he was proud to  experience The Sonder Project’s work in providing a community with clean water.  He has been able to bear witness to our efforts in the Thomas community, where we just recently drilled for water, and the experience was inspiring.  The community had never had a water pump before, and after previous disappointments, they had lost hope that they would ever have one. The government had promised them a water pump 5 years ago that never came.  As a result, women would have to travel 3 km for unfiltered water. The joy on the people’s faces when they saw water spewing out of the new well was unforgettable. Providing clean water will significantly change the everyday lives of these people, and Jervas looks forward to continuing to realize new opportunities for more people through  The Sonder Project by addressing their needs directly.

Jervas’s late father, Robert, addresses a community at one of The Sonder Project’s 2020 school ground-breaking ceremonies.

 When Jervas isn’t working, he enjoys going to the farm and growing tobacco, just like his father used to do when he wasn’t working to support the development of Malawi.  Jervas’s late father, Robert, was a long-time employee of our partners, buildOn, and was incredibly supportive in helping to get The Sonder Project established in Malawi at the start of 2020. Tragically, Robert passed away in January from Covid. We are proud to be helping Jervas follow in his father’s footsteps as he begins his career supporting the Malawian people.

Figure 6 Jervas (left) poses with some of The Sonder Project’s sponsored students.

 Some quick facts about Jervas: In addition to Education, Jervas is also passionate about history and is considering pursuing a master’s degree. His favorite book is Developing the Leader Within You by John C Maxwell, a guide to developing leadership traits.  Jervas also likes to have some fun. His favorite movie is Prison Break, and he loves Reggae music. His favorite band is a Malawian group called The Black Missionaries—you can check them out on Spotify!

Meet Wielfried Lompo!

Wielfried is the newest addition to our team in Burkina Faso and our first Agricultural Field Coordinator.  We welcomed him in June 2021. He is responsible for overseeing our Community Farm project. The Community Farm was established in 2018 to combat food insecurity and create an economic engine for the local community.  We are excited to welcome Wielfried to the team, and we look forward to his contributions to our farm project.  

Wielfried Lompo, The Sonder Project’s new Agricultural Field Coordinator in Burkina Faso.

 Wielfried was born in Bobo-Dioulasso, which is the second-largest city in Burkina Faso, after Ouagadougou. He completed his schooling (through university) there. He graduated with a degree in Engineering, focusing on Agronomy, an d a goal of using his skills to support the development of rural farmers and fight hunger. In his role as The Sonder Project’s Agriculture Field Coordinator, his dreams are coming to life!  

Wielfried (centered, wearing sunglasses) helps community members put one of our new water tower structures into position on our Community Farm.

When Wielfried isn’t working, he enjoys jogging and watching television, especially FC Barcelona. His favorite movie is a French film called Braqueurs, and he enjoys listening to local musician Smarty, a Burkina Faso musician.  

Writing Credit: Sarah Fredrickson, Sonder Project Volunteer


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