This school year, Wabinatou Nana’s journey took a significant turn when she became a part of the Education is Power program. Wabinatou faced many challenges prior to becoming a Power student and speaks candidly about her life as an orphan, living in difficult conditions. “I worried about how to pay school fees, and the lack of sufficient meals made it difficult for me to concentrate on my studies. I desire to help my family, change my own life, and I want to become a successful person in society.” 


Veronica Zulu, center with sweater, listens in one of her classes.

Wabinatou with other students in her class

The Sonder Project is proud to support Wabinatou through our Education is Power program and excited to give her the opportunity she deserves. Wabinatou, is a Grade 9 student at Kokologho School in Burkina Faso, and has shown incredible resilience in her pursuit of education. At just 14 years old, she ranks second in her class and is dedicated to her studies, with her favorite subject being Math. “My life has changed for the better,” she shares, “I am now free from worries of acquiring study materials and paying school fees and I also have lunch‑‑which is something I could not have dreamed of!”


Veronica Zulu sits on her hostel bed she sleeps on while at school.

Wabinatou socializing with her friends from school

Reflecting on her experiences this school year, Wabinatou recounted a particularly memorable moment when The Sonder team visited her class to take photos of the Power students in the ’23-’24 program. “That day, I felt incredibly lucky and grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given. Seeing the interest and admiration from the other students reminded me how far I’ve come, and it was truly one of the best moments of my life.”


Veronica with her hand raised, ready to ask one of her teacher's questions.

Although Wabinatou Nana’s first 14 years have been a struggle, she is determined to make the most of this new opportunity. The Sonder Project is elated to be a part of her personal triumph, and her story’s testament to the transformative power of education.

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