Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to strengthen communities through food security, clean water,

housing, and education.

Core Values

We believe in 3 main Core Values that inform all the work we do…

1. Sustainability

We believe that all development work requires a long term vision that empowers those being served to lead independently, and creates a path respectful of the environment and local communities.

2. Partnership

We believe people and organizations thrive best when they are able to work together around common interests, despite any inherent differences.

3. Equality

We believe all people are entitled to the same opportunities regardless of race, color, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, or nationality.

Our Projects

We envision a world where all communities have access to food security, clean water, adequate shelter and the education needed to advance, because strong communities have the power to lift themselves up.

International Projects

Internationally, we do irrigation projects, dig wells, and provide training to ensure these efforts are sustainable.

U.S. Projects

Domestically, we help people rebuild post-Hurricane Michael, we do community & school garden projects, and we raise awareness around issues of food security, clean water and education.