It has been too long since we’ve updated our website with a report, but it’s certainly not from a lack of action!  Since our last entry on October 31st, The Sonder Project has contributed…

  • 17 Volunteer Days
  • 147 Volunteers
  • 1,171 Volunteer Hours
  • 400 Meals Served
  • 49 Households Strengthened (Tarps, Tree Removal, Yard Clean-up)

This brings our Grand Totals to …

  • 34 Volunteer Days
  • 417 Volunteers
  • 3,744 Volunteer Hours
  • 1,900 Meals Served
  • 138 Households Strengthened

And that’s not all… In the month of November we began working with licensed contractors from JP Construction & Design to assist with long-term recovery support.  Through our partnership with JP, we have…

  • Restored power to 12 households
  • Repaired the roofs on 2 homes
  • Begun a complete gutting and rebuilding on 3 homes

Lastly, this week we are partnering with Southern Land & Dirt Works INC to remove trees from homes that our volunteer groups just couldn’t do on their own. Yesterday, we finished an all day job, and we are back at it today!

We will do our best to continue to keep you updated, and I   encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we’ve been able to post more regular photos.

Thank you for your support!

With appreciation,

Chad Zibelman

Chief Executive Officer, The Sonder Project

P.S. On the right, check out some before and after photos from some of the yards we cleaned-up!

We Need Your Help

Any donation to The Sonder Project’s Hurricane Relief fund will go 100% to supporting victims of Hurricane Michael.