March 22, 2021 is World Water Day, an annual event established by the UN in 1993 to raise awareness about the global water crisis. Perhaps for most people living in the United States, the importance of a day to celebrate water is easily overlooked.


The Sonder Project is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day and share the stories of some of the incredible women in our partner communities who inspire us every day. All of our initiatives focus on engaging women as a key component to success because we are...

A Milestone in Malawi

Agness Mwale used to wake up at 2 am, gather her water containers, and walk down to the dry river bed to collect water for her 7-person household. Because it was a dry river, the process was not as simple as just putting your bucket in the water and watching it fill-up.

The Impact of Clean Water

The 17 Sonder wells currently installed impact an average of 2,462 people. At the cost of $11,000 per well, that’s less than $5 per person!

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