Written by Christy Hughes

It’s the season with heart, and the Sonder Project has plenty of it. Valentine’s Day celebrates love in its purest form, boundless and unconditional. The Sonder Project’s foundation was built on love for our fellow man, both near and far. From providing clean drinking water and education for children as far away as Burkina Faso in West Africa to helping rebuild the lives and homes of Hurricane Michael victims right here in the Panhandle, no feat of love is too big or too insurmountable. Every single drop of clean drinking water, every single garden planted, every single home rebuilt, every single school established, every single hope restored is all possible because of your donations. You are the means, and we are humbled and honored to be the way.  Together we will continue to build on the Sonder Project’s foundation of love for our fellow man, and together we will continue to make a difference. Help us give love and hope today.