Koudyoba’s story is sadly not unique, but it highlights the impact of The Sonder Project.    Koudyoba is a widow. She never went to school and was married at the age of 17 in an arranged marriage.    4 years ago her husband got sick and died. She has 6 kids ( 2 are married off). Her husband was a farmer, but she herself has no job. She can’t afford to register all her kids for school, and the oldest one pictured never had the opportunity to go.  Together, they typically eat 2x meals a day, but that can be less depending on the day. Life is a struggle and it is difficult for her to take care of her family alone.

Though that is all about to change.  In 2018, The Sonder Project established a Community Farm in her village of Komsnedego.  Koudyoba joined our farm and now she has support. She believes the Community Farm will change her life.  It will provide her family food security as they will no longer be solely dependent on the will of the rains.  She hopes to be able to generate the income now to send her kids to school, and provide for them in way she never thought she could.    

Photography: Tara Rice