Strengthening Communities One Garden at a Time

Why Community Gardens?

At the root level, it’s about two of the building blocks of strong communities: food security and education.  A strong community requires the ability to sustainably access healthy, nutritious food, and there’s no better way than educating and empowering communities to garden ecologically.  

Community gardens bear other fruits as well to help strengthen communities:

Getting people outside, away from screens, and connecting with nature

Providing positive community aesthetic

Promoting healthy eating and living

Bringing people together for positive socialization and collaboration

Academic enrichment

Youth Development

Respecting and caring for the environment

Who Do We Partner With?

Community Groups


Organizations Combating Hunger

What is The Sonder Project’s Role?

The Sonder Project’s role varies depending on the project, and may include:

Funding for Materials

Building Gardens

Volunteer Support

Youth Programming

What Do We Seek In Partners?

(Currently limited to Okaloosa, Walton & Bay Counties in Northwest Florida)

Available Land


Community Engagement

Under-resourced Communities

Get Involved!

Start A Garden

If you are interested in partnering on a garden, email us at

Support The Cause

Make a donation to The Sonder Project to support our community garden programs.