October 2018—August 2020

On October 10, 2018 Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle, damaging 60,000 homes and resulting in insured losses of nearly $7 billion.

From The Sonder Project’s headquarters in Santa Rosa Beach, we mobilized resources through our network and continued to support the recovery until every penny was spent.

Dollars Raised/Spent

Meals Served

Hurricane Michael statistics

People Requested Aid

Residential Property Insurance Claims

Billion in Damages

more debris than Hurricane Irma


The Sonder Project had volunteers on the ground the day after the storm. Here’s what we accomplished before we ended our efforts in August of 2020:

Volunteer Hours

Households Supported

Families Sponsored for Christmas

Homes Cleared of Trees and Yard Debris

Homes Fitted with Tarps

Homes with Restored Electrical Power

Homes with Major Roof Repairs

Homes with Major Drywall Repairs

Homes Completely Rebuilt

the destruction we witnessed was terrible, but the resiliency we observed in the people we served was most powerful.

Hurricane Michael News

Wednesday, October 31st

Our focus was split today with a full team out on repair and clean up duty, and another hosting a Halloween Festival at Daffiin Park. The repair team consisted of volunteers from 360 Blue, YOLO Board, and 30A along with a local physical therapist who signed up to take...

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Sunday, October 28th

Today our Millville crew of 8 included current (and past!) employees of 30A along with volunteers from EZ-PZ recycling and Resort Quest. Spirits in the community were strong, and we were happy to welcome some residents who volunteered to help us help their neighbors....

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Friday, October 26th

Today we took 4 vehicles, a tractor, and 11 people to the Fountain area (north Bay County).  We had 4 addresses we got from Monday, and I also gathered several addresses from other sources.  We assisted 10 households altogether.  3 houses were tarped, and 4 houses...

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Thursday, October 25th

Hannah Martin and Jessica Bracken spearheaded a group of 22 volunteers to assist in serving the community of Millville today. We took a limo bus provided by Emerald Luxury Transportation Transportation followed by three trailers and truck fulls of supplies and food....

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Wednesday, October 24th

We were working today in Millville, and our teams covered a 4-block radius of homes that were hard hit. In addition to volunteers from the 30A Company, 360 Blue, Watercolor Beach Club and Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, on our crew today were the two frontmen...

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Friday, October 19th

Today we met at 7:30am with volunteers from YOLO Board,, and even Brian Kelley from the Florida Georgia Line!  In total, we had about 25 people, and we split up into two groups and headed for the Springfield/Millville area.   This was my first day...

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Thursday, October 18th

Today we had two different teams of volunteers out to focus on relief in Panama City.  Here are reports of their efforts... Group 1; Reported & Led by Patrick McCarthy, volunteer from 850 Properties We were fortunate to have a group of roofing professionals from...

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Tuesday, October 16th

Today we had a group of volunteers from 360 Blue, 30A, 30avenue, and the 30A Olive Oil Company.  We focused our efforts for the day in the Millville area. Through our connection with local management officials, we were directed to the house of Ms. Deborah and her...

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Sunday, October 14th

  We started the day at 7 am in front of the 360 Blue Offices. We had a large group of volunteers, approx. 25-30. We rode in about 7-9 vehicles filled with supplies. We planned on splitting up into two groups. One focused on tarps on homes since rain was in the...

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Saturday, October 13th

Today we had a team of about 5-6 vehicles consisting of about 25 people.  The group included volunteers from 360 Blue, 30A, and other concerned citizens looking to lend a hand.  We packed up with coolers full of ice and water bottles, cases of water, gas, infant...

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Thank you to 20/30 North Studios for capturing these stories from the Field: