WeSonder for Food Security

Dec 17, 2021 | Burkina Faso, Farms, Global Projects

In the community of Komsnedego in Burkina Faso, the fight against climate change is real.  Each year the rainy season seems more and more unpredictable, and for a community that relies on rainfed agriculture to survive, this is concerning. A single poor rainy season can lead to a harsh dry season where families may only eat one meal a day. As a result, Komsnedego can be considered food insecure.

 This food insecurity is why Sonder Project partnered with Komsnedego in 2018 to develop a solarirrigated farm—so the community wouldn’t have to rely on the rains anymore. The farm is 4.5 hectares (~11 acres) and has 140 members representing more than 1,200 community members. The farm is a multi-year project, and each year we work with the community to add additional components to realize our vision.

 The Sonder Project Community Farm local leadership team, selected by the farm’s members.

The Sonder Project’s Farm Manager, Wielfried Lompo, instructs a community member on the proper technique for planting.

 This year we hired a Farm Manager, Wielfried Lompo, to focus solely on the farm and support local community members. We’ve worked with local contractors to build water towers to create more consistent water pressure. We’ve also partnered with another NGO to provide regenerative agriculture training to ensure we are enriching the soil for long–term use of the field. In this way, we are moving Komsnedego to a more food secure future.

This is how WeSonder for food security. In the future, we hope to take the lessons we’ve learned from the work in Komsnedego to other communities. We invite you to join us.

Members of the farm collect a past corn harvest
on the community farm

A new water tower was completed this year to support the farm.

‘Sonder’ is defined as the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as our own. With this in mind, The Sonder “Project” is defined as the action we take to balance the inequalities in the world, particularly among those living in poverty who are too often passed by. Whenever we take such an action, we like to say, “We Sonder.”  

In December, we are sharing stories of how WeSonder as we ask for your support during this time of giving. All donations will be matched dollar–for–dollar, up to $11,000. Please help us get there. 

Learning how to make organic compost from locally-sourced materials as part of this year’s regenerative agriculture training.

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